It has been too long since I updated here. Hello again friends.

In the quiet moments I have still been working on my cyanotype processes. I’m finding joy experimenting with putting chemistry onto non-traditional things. This month I have tried vintage map pieces (they are hit and miss), vintage dress pattern paper (ok, but contrast needs a tweak), handmade milkweed paper (needs more sizing, but so close!) and several types of watercolor paper. I also might have tried a wooden egg just a few days ago:

At the Manito Art League Show I sold a piece to a sweet couple, the first piece of art they’ve bought together. How amazing is that?!? They fell in love with a piece featuring the moon and gold watercolor. I am happy that it has found a new home and that they were able to see something interesting in my work. The biggest compliment by far.

Current favorite watercolor paper is by Fabriano, although least favorite seems to also be that brand? I can’t quit confirm that yet. I bought a few sheets of watercolor paper off a friend and am afraid during the cutdown process I accidentally mixed them in the dim room. Arches was my top favorite for photograms, but when it comes to thin leaved botanicals and digital negatives I’m finding other papers work better.

I’d like to attempt printing with my large format enlarger while using cyanotype chemistry and have been doing research into how I could manage that. I have an idea of how it might work, but I fear this is another “try it and see!” type moment. Now if only I could remember to take notes when I go down these rabbit holes of exploration.

In October I will be teaching a class at Dillman’s resort. Follow the link below for more information and to register. Fingers crossed I get enough students, I’m hoping for a group of artist interested in incorporating cyanotype into their own practice as well as a few interested in deepening their understanding of what is even possible. My goal is to run the class like my favorite “lecture + lab” classes in college. In the mornings we will gather to discuss the days topic and I’ll do demos.After lunch we will meet up for open lab hours where students can work on the main projects or apply what they’ve learned to their own work. Hopefully a bit of both!


And last but not least, this month I had a piece published in The Hand magazine. So strange and amazing to see my work published along side such incredible artist. The only downside is I see soooo many methods in this magazine that I’d love to try! It makes me miss the days of creating work alongside others. I have learned more listening to others discuss their work than in most of the hours of lectures I’ve attended.

Stay healthy, know you are loved, and keep making whatever it is you make.